The Bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans
January 9-11, 2015!

Presenting the largest War of 1812 battle event ever staged in the USA!
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Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial - learn more

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The purpose of the LLHF is to increase public awareness of History in general and Louisiana history in particular by presenting live shows, re-creations, documentary films, websites and exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, that highlight the history of the State of Louisiana and its people and their antecedents, with particular attention being paid to the commemoration of centennial, bicentennial and tercentennial anniversaries in the State of Louisiana.It will act as a clearinghouse for ideas, and a resource to assist communities throughout the state to research and record their own history, in co-operation with other historical groups.

This will be mainly be accomplished by planning live events using the most skilled living historians in the country and internationally together with local living historians who will be given assistance by the foundation to produce events in local communities. The foundation will assist in writing scripts, giving historical advice and booking specialist performers for the events.

The Foundation will hold a small stock of costumes and equipment for hire that will be loaned at cost to history groups but can be rented at a commercial rate to film, TV and theatrical productions to help defray the cost of their manufacture and storage.

The foundation will be particularly active in commemorating the anniversaries of historical events as living history shows that will allow residents of the state to participate in re creating their history and will take particular care to develop programs for schools and other educational entities to further this aim.

We will encourage music, literature and art programs within the schools of the area particularly of period military bands where the basic skills of musicianship can be learned, and in living history classes where students can immerse themselves in the material culture of the state as it was from its founding.

The activities of the Foundation will be recorded and from this data documentaries and pamphlets will be produced for distribution to schools, museums and other public entities to encourage their own programs of historical Education.

At all times the foundation will base its research and presentations on historical fact as we believe very strongly that it is only by fully understanding the past that a student can truly grasp the realities of the present. We will encourage international links and will place great emphasis on the exchange of culture that has taken place over the years.

We will explore the possibility of producing special exhibitions where the many important private collections in the state will have an opportunity to be seen by the public at large, and more especially record the extant items in private hands so that a fuller understanding of our material culture can be gained.

While the main focus of the foundation will be on the military aspects of the states culture which is at the moment under represented we will be taking care to include those aspects of the secular and religious life that intersect with the military.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Meraux foundation for their generous contribution of land to our foundation.

We also would like to recognize our Board of Directors for all of their hard work and dedication. 

  • Board of Directors

    James J. Coleman, Jr.
    Honorary Chairman
  • Timothy Pickles

    Bonnie Roberts/Marvin Russell


    Betsy Stout

    Martin Sutton

    Executive Director

    Semmes T. Favrot

    Christopher Tidmore

    Ryan Waldron

    Walter F. Wolf

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    Our Battlefield Site is located at:

    8200 Patricia Blvd.

    Chalmette, La.

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    Celebrate the Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial in 2015!

    Fall Gala to take place October 18, in New Orleans! Details to follow.

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